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  • Craig Tjeerdsma
    The Boss
    (515) 381-0061

    Craig is the president of Tjeerdsma Auto Group, Inc., with over twenty-one years of auto industry experience. He has worked for very large national dealer groups, new car franchises and regional used car operations. Craig's concentration in his career has been in the pre-owned area of the industry. Craig grew up on a farm in South Dakota and loves to return there several times a year to spend time on the family farm and pheasant hunt with his family. He and Crystal have been married for over fifteen years and live in West Des Moines, IA.

  • Crystal
    The Real Boss
    (515) 381-0061

    Crystal has been the spouse of a car guy for over fifteen years and is the "real" boss of Tjeerdsma Auto Group, Inc. She takes care of the books for the store, homeschools the boys, shuttles them between home, the store, church and everywhere else! She also teaches children's yoga a few times per week as well. Her favorite vehicles are European cars. She is completely responsible for the décor and look of the store so stop by and say hi and check it out!

  • Carson
    Detail Manager
    (515) 381-0061

    Carson is Craig and Crystal's son and works as the Craig Auto detail manager. He loves cars, and although he owns a 2003 VW EuroVan, his favorite car is the Subaru WRX Sti. He loves hanging out with his friends, shopping for cars online, picking out cars for Craig to buy for the store, and spending time at the store polishing up the inventory. He also loves pheasant hunting and the Red Bull GRC Racing Series. Carson and Craig attended a GRC race in Louisville, KY, and solidified Carson's love for the racing series!

  • Oscar
    (515) 381-0061

    Oscar works in the detail department at Craig Auto. He has an affinity for hats, so you will likely see him around the store wearing a fedora or other cool styles. Oscar's favorite vehicle is the Jeep Wrangler. Oscar loves to read and listen to audio books, Netflix, and hanging out with his buddies. He is quick witted so stop by the store and let him tell you a joke!

  • Beth
    The Oldest Youngling

    Beth is Craig's daughter and is the oldest youngling. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Kearney where she studied Speech-Language Pathology. She was accepted into a Master's Program at Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City for the Fall of 2018. She was very active in the Alpha Phi sorority at UN-K, studies very hard and spends time with friends. She completed her undergraduate degree in four years. She is an avid concert goer and also loves the TV series "The Office".

  • Adam
    The Freshman

    Adam is Craig's oldest son. He graduated from high school in May of 2018. He is starting his undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in August of 2018. He was very involved in his school activities including theater, sports, music and pretty much everything else! He loves the city of Chicago and in the summer of 2017 Adam and Craig spent a few days there where they got to see a performance of Hamilton. Adam travels back to Craig Auto periodically to help in the store with sales and with the shop activities.

  • Bailey
    Guard Dog

    Bailey is the resident Craig Auto guard dog. He is a four year-old miniature Australian Shepard and toy poodle cross, called an Aussie Doodle. He loves to play fetch and can be found strategizing how to terrorize the neighborhood squirrels at the back window of the Tjeerdsma home. He comes down to the store sometimes and likes to hang out on the reception counter watching for customers.